Websites SCAMS

Here is a list of websites that you shouldnt use ever because they will just steal your money and they only offer fake services

1. -> A huge scam that goes on first page of google so i assume they have a lot of victims.Please google theyr URL so you will find out more about how they steal money from people.DONT SEND THEM ANY MONEY

2. -> This or those guys build a profesional looking website to catch the eyes of the visitors. Dont get too excited about them. they just built that for marketing . This is a huge scam. Check the reports online..i will post some links to convince yourself guys:  a)

b) -> Here you will find lots of proofs so i wont have to post other websites…so watch out with this nasty website. -> Another website that just steals money from theyr customers . Some of the victims wrote online about them:


4. -> This is a scam site pointing every of the visitors to

5. -> Decided to contact these guys myself. When i told them i`m from hire a hacker reviews dot com they left the chat lol . check the pictures and you will convince yourself. Even told them i`ll post here but they didnt believed me.hire a hacker scamHire a hacker website scam

6. -> New site that pretend they hack facebook accounts. After some investigations we just discovered that is only a scam site. The price itself turn them into a scamming site. 14.99$ for a tool to hack facebook accounts…everyone would want something like this lol

7. – Lots of scammers posted theyr emails here in the comments So better avoid this website

8.  – SCAM they also use a facebook page

9. – A 100% scam and we might asociate this with . actually it might be a antire chain of websites

10. – They are scaming people by asking deposits and after this they dont even bother to respond

11. – SCAMMERS from INDIA. they pretend to be in Australia and use a nulled theme to make the site look nice(people ussually get atracted by nice and profesional looking sites registered on name sujatha with email street chilakaluur city guntur INDIA phone number : +91.9848221174 . So dont get into this scam site.

12. – This is definetly a scam and i believe theyr software is infected with keyloggers and other form of malware just dont touch and downlola any hacking tools from the internet.

13. – Scam artist. probably a guy between 18 – 23 years old. Will come with more details

14. – Website submited by anonymous person with proofs – Scammer submited by one of theyr `customers`

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