We launched this additional page on our site so we can save other people from getting scammed. We will only recomend hackers that we trust and are capable to finish your jobs. Every hacker that will be listed here will first have to pass our test. We already have one hacker that can help you regarding some problems:

We have two verified hackers so far. Please email us regarding the experience with any of the hackers from our verified hackers list.

Site is beeing updated daily

EMAIL: Phone number: 614 715-4320

Skills: Email hacks, facebook, websites, twitter, instagram hacker, investigations(Doxing people)

Succes rate so far: 90% – Tested his skills.


EMAIL: -> excelent results. REFUNDS IF NOT SATISFIED

Skills: facebook,gmail,hotmail, yahoo, twitter,instagram, databases,corporate email adresses,DDOS(best ddoser i ever saw),grades change. Best at phone hacks emails facebook or instagram hacks

Success rate so far : 95% – offers refunds in case of failure. Guaranteed results



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