Hire a hacker Scams

Hiring a hacker online became a huge risk . Other than real hackers (even if they are ethical hackers or just hackers that will do anything for money)on the internet appeared so manny comments with people claiming they are hackers and offer theyr services. I`m not exagerating but 90% of the people claiming they can take passwords are scammers. So watch out When giving money from your pocket to strangers. I made this Review site so people like me can post real reviews and post a story of what they been through by hiring a hacker online.When i hired the first hacker to recover my lost facebook page i had to pay him 500$ . I was ok with the ideea because my page worth over 10.000$ actually, but after i paid he didnt even replyed to me. Check all the sections of the page and lets Separate the good hackers from scammers so we can save other people from losing the hard worked money . Please if you had a bad experience with a scammer that pretended to be a scammer contact us so we can expose him and save other people from falling into scams.


  • Scammed says:

    I need to share my experiences with 3 people.. All scammers

    1. Alexander, he goes with the email id alyx.trust@gmail.com. Absolute scammer.
    2. maildeamon.h@gmail.com…goes with the name of John Doe..another scammer
    3. socialmastereu (skype ID)…another scammer.

    Would request people not to engage their services. They are scammers.

  • Chanel says:

    Hire the hacker is a complete scam. I’ve been working for a week now with them and they scammed me by paying them $506 USD with Bitcoin for protecting for my iPhone. They promised an app thatll prevent anyone from hacking my phone and it was all a scam. They also promised my some USB thatll beep if there are any spycams of any sort or listening devices in my car. Their site is hirethehacker.com and their email is hirethehacker@gmail.com. I have all the emails to prove it, bank info and Bitcoin confirmation with wallet address.

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