Hackers for hire SCAMMERS LIST

I will post here a list of hackers for hire wich actually they are scammers for hire.We browswed the internet and founs so manny people crying for theyr money after they been scammed by such imposters wich pretend to be hackers for hire.You cant hire a hacker just because they say they are good. Browse google first analyze everything and just then you can find a good deal even if we recomend you not to use hackers to harm people or steal anything.

LAWYER@PRESIDENCY.COM -> This guy advertise himself everywhere

Luner130@gmail.com -> Same as first guy..only posts good reviews about him online. He cant hack a watermelon.

maildeamon.h@gmail.com -> Will take your money and dissapear

kingcracker21 -> Its the same person as Luner130@gmail.com -> a poor scammer.

 aadini@eim.ae -> Scammer

hacker4hire@hackermail.com -> Scammer

visichathackers@yahoo.co.uk -> Scammer

kross303@yahoo.com -> Scammer

hacksforcash2014@gmail.com -> Scammer

sammnatt@gmail.com -> Scammer

markhacker55@yahoo.co.uk and hackgerry@gmail.com -> scammer. he has a blog where he advertises…himself?Same guy

adnman2@gmail.com -> Scammer –  He pretends he was listed on our site but he never been in our atention. After we read the reviews he seems like a scam

expdxp@gmail.com – Scammer scammed someone out of 2000 SGD(singapore dollars)

xfilez2014@gmail.com -> Scammer advertising himself over the internet. He has a nice way to scam people by offering `screenshots` made in photoshop.

Zilchex@gmx.com -> 2 persons already contacted us about this scammer -> Nigerian scammer.Asks for 150$ (in nigeria its a lot of money)

jhackwizard001@gmail.com -> Scammer

bradonhack@gmail.com also known as: bradonhack@hotmail.com -> Scammer

indianbesthackers09@gmail.com -> Scammer

hackwizard357@gmail.com -> Scammer

superbhackers22@gmail.com -> Scammer

codex1232@gmail.com -> knows also as J. Waugerman

hacksville147@gmail.com -> Fraud scammer

adam_loudon@outlook.com  -> Scammer

prohacx@outlook.com -> Scammer

internethackmaster@gmail.com -> Scammer

hirethehacker@gmail.com -> Scammer Recently submited by 2 visitors

Superbhackers22@gmail.com. -> Scammer

Jan_carder@yahoo.com and d3vil_dad66@yahoo.com -> Scammer

empire4hackers@gmail.com – Scammer

moranscris@yahoo.com – Scammer

hirehackers599@gmail.com – Scammer

haccc@cyberservices.com – Scammer

If someone has more informations regarding those guys should email us in the CONTACT US page so we can reveal more details about them and punish those scammers that pretend to be hackers for hire


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