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Hire a hacker reviews is a website made for all of you guys . All of you simple guys who have a real problem and need to hire a hacker online . I started this blog after i lost over 5000$ trying to find a genuine hacker online and after i saw how manny people got burned by so called hackers for hire wich actually dont have any skill and cant even write well but they can just steal inocents people money.So if you want to hire a hacker better inform yourself first who you send the money.Read this blog carefully, read google carefully(google is always your friend when you want to do something especially hire a hacker online).

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I will write on this blog about how not to get scammed by so called hackers for hire.I will let the crouds post info about scammers who pretend they are hackers for hire, i will review myself hackers or hackers websites, i will investigate all the hackers avaible or as much as i can(i have kids to raise too so i cant stay all day here ).
Contact me if you want to write a experience with a hacker and i`ll make it public .Lets make the difference and not let people scam us just because we need a service just because we need to hire a hacker online.

I`m not going to stop here just by writing hackers for hire who only post email adresses over the internet, i will provide websites that pretend they offer hacking services or selling hacking products even forums where people go and destroy theyr lives by buying stolen credit cards, or products. Will point you exactly what to do when hiring a hacker and please never hesitate to contact us if you been scammed.

This is just beggining.Watch me how i scare all those scammers hackers for hire.

Before talking about anything else I just wanted to say that in the past two weeks i browsed the internet trying to find scammers or real hackers but since i`m human and humans make mistakes i almost got caught in a huge scam so i want to warn everyone about a forum who is basically killing into scamming. they pretend they are hackers who have credit cards and they can buy anything and give you huge discounts on every product. YES! They even made huge number of comments and all looks so good and so real but in fact is a huge scam. Yes i`m talking about albooraq forum . I suggest you never go there…unless you are just curious.




27 September 2014Hire a hacker online reviews – Browsing the internet i found so manny scams that i think i will have to change plans. While this blog will get more and more so called hackers for hire wich actually are scammers i will work on a different project where I`ll post all about the scams and methods scammers use to take inocents people money.

If you used a hacker send us your review using the contact form from Contact Page

We also just created the page where People are looking to hire a hacker online and find a website so we will also review websites where you can hire a hacker online. Go here


Hire a hacker online reviews doesnt have anything to do with the so called hackers for hire . And dont worry about me. The listed websites here are actually owned by people that cant hack. If they could do it i would have the website down right?Again Hire a hacker that can really do something not imposters.

28 September 2014 – Today i added one more site that pretends to be a hacker for hire online but offcourse i defamed another scam. We started to receive emails so things will move faster from now on. Please dont be quiet when you hire a hacker online. Contact us and tell us your experience.

3 October 2014 – New website added today. Check the Website Scam page. thank you

12 October 2014 – We proudly present our youtuube Promo and song . ENJOY!

13 October 2014 – New Website added where are listed not one but maybe 10 scammers Check the website scam page.

2 November 2014 – New Scammers added today . Hire a hacker reviews Got your back.

3 November 2014 – Because we receive so manny requests everyday from people beeing scammed we decided to promote some hackers so that everyone can use them without beeing affraid they will lose any money.With this we make also a public anouncement: All the hackers that are whitehat and want to help people contact us for some testing. You can now hire a hacker from the section : VERIFIED HACKERS

12 November 2014 – Dont forget if you hired a hacker and he didnt delivered or you have been the victim of a hacker for hire email us immediately with proofs and we will list it here so nobody else will have to suffer. Only use Hackers that are verified and recomended

12 November 2014 – We added some more `hackers for hire` scammers on the list.

22 November 2014 – New person sent us information that a hire a hacker site is actually a “hire a hacker SCAM” Updated in the Website SCAMS

27 November 2014 – Due to recent atacks and spaming over the comments sections we decided to unnaprove some comments wich are malicious. If Anyone has any complaints about the site contact us from the contact section. Scammers keep trying to atack our site with blackmailing emails and other type of atacks .As you guys can see we are still up. So the ones listed as scammers are NO HACKERS

28 November 2014  – Hire a hacker reviews added more scammers on the scammers list.

1 December 2014 – 1 more hacker has been added today to our verified hackers list.Also New Scammers are added on the scammer list thanks to all of you . Again Sorry for the quality of the design but i think what we want is the content not the design.Anyway to show that i care about what people tell me i will try to make the site look better.

5 December 2014 – New scammers added today

25 December 2014 – Merry Christmas everyone .

4 December 2014 – New scammers added today.

24 February 2015 – Some more scammers been added today. thank you for letting us know .

21 April 2015 – New scammers added today. Check the hackers for hire scammers list and also Website Scams . Please write us your experience when you hire a hacker so we can let the world know who is the good one and who is the bad one as hiring a ethical hacker online its getting harder and harder.

5 May 2015 – We updated the scammers lists today. Thank you everyone for sending us feedback .Hire a hacker reviews dot com will always be here to serve you

18 May 2015 – Hire a hacker reviews has been updated today.

8 August 2015 – New Scammers added. Check the Scammers list carefully.If you have reports to make please dont hesitate to contact us.Your Impressions are important for us. Hire a hacker reviews is always here to help

10 October 2015 – New scammers added. Site has been updated.

15 december 2015 – site has been updated

8 february 2016 – new scamers added today.

20 may 2016 – site has been updated

24 june 2016 site has been improoved

15 october 2016 – new scammers added

15 november 2016 site updated

18 december 2016 new scammers added

6 january 2017 – happy new year . May 2017 be the best year for everyone except the scammers.

8 march 2017 – reconfirming the quality and new scammers added

4 april 2017 – hire a hacker reviews will launch a new site but is not about hackers for hire. We will let you guys post complaints about sites that sell illegal stuff or sites that dont ship or they have low quality products.


Hire a facebook hacker – How to hire a facebook hacker

How to Hire a Facebook Hacker

Did you lock yourself out of your cherished Facebook account? Do not fret! You are not alone. Thousands of people lock themselves out of their accounts on a daily basis and most of them do not have the proper resources available to them to get their account back. This is where seeking the help of a professional ethical hacker can come in extremely handy. An ethical hacker is someone you can hire to help secure your accounts, servers, test vulnerabilities, and among other things, get back accounts that you have locked yourself out of.

It is extremely important however, that you seek out a hacker that is not only qualified to do what you need him to, but also one that does not expose your account or private information to any harm. In order to accomplish this, you might want to thoroughly research through private channels including security forums and this very site itself for helpful reviews on companies that are ethical and reliable in recovering your information.

Another extremely reliable source of information is Facebook pages themselves. You can usually read user comments right on the page telling you about their experience with specific companies. Make sure however, that you do not use that as the only source of information. It is a great place to start, but just to avoid a scam, and multiple fake profiles boosting up a page, it is always great to continue your search using Google and trying to find the hacker for hire in review websites and forums.

An extremely useful tip to use is putting a search term on Google such as hacker for hire followed by a “+” sign and “forum”. In other words: “Hacker for hire + forum”. This will tell Google to search for that keyword using only forum communities and will sort your results accordingly. This is an invaluable way to start searching for some top notch security communities throughout the web. You can get extremely creative and plug-in multiple keywords and really find some useful information.

Additionally, please make sure that you always remain anonymous and seek out some SOCK5 proxies or a VPN to protect your identity. This is especially important if you will be browsing around hacking communities. Please remember that the art of hacking can be used for good and for evil. It is always better to protect yourself and make sure you are not the victim of a hack job. If you do not have access to SOCK5 proxies or a VPN, you can try services such as TOR, which is a free service that ensures anonymous browsing. A quick Google search will pull up all the information you need to get setup.

One crucial step that can not be forgotten is to make sure that you protect yourself with a payment method that you can control once you do find a hacker that you deem adequate for the job desired. This simply means having a back-up in case you do get scammed. A credit card with a good chargeback feature would be ideal in this case. Other methods of secure payment could be using a third-party, otherwise known as escrow, to protect both parties involved in the transaction. An escrow account is relatively cheap and highly recommended no matter the situation. Some providers, including those who use Bitcoin as their method of transactions, provide escrow services for free! Do make sure to look into taking advantage of such conveniences.

Lastly, please make sure that you do not provide any of your sensitive or personal information to the hacker you hire, unless you where personally referred or have done business with the hacker in the past. It is very easy to forget that hackers get paid to infiltrate, steal, and break into things. You can never be too careful especially when you delve deeper into the mysterious parts of the Internet.

We certainly hope this guide has been helpful and allows you to find a reliable and safe way to recover access to your Facebook account